Profile of the Graduate at Graduation

Graduates of Lumen Christi Catholic Schools strive to live their faith, excel academically, support their community and serve as a positive role model to others.


The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Develops and enhances a personal relationship with Christ through regular study, prayer, and participation in the Sacraments.
  • Practices faith by worshipping on a regular basis and actively participating in liturgical ministries and services.
  • Displays significant knowledge of Catholic beliefs, history, and traditions.
  • Knows and understands the Catholic Church’s teachings and applies them when analyzing moral issues and ethical choices.

Academic Achievement 

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Demonstrates critical and creative thinking skills for problem solving.
  • Conveys information in an effective and clear manner.
  • Uses technology and digital media effectively and responsibly.
  • Works cooperatively and creatively with others.
  • Practices effective learning techniques to gain and apply knowledge.
  • Utilizes solid study skills and adapts to different learning environments and situations.
  • Has a good work ethic and strives to achieve personal best.
  • Possesses self-confidence and is prepared for success in High School.
  • Recognizes that education continues beyond the classroom as an independent life-long learner.
  • Shows respect and forgiveness towards self and others, while displaying Christian virtues.

Service to Others 

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Aids others, especially those less fortunate and in need of assistance, in accordance with the Gospel message.
  • Displays an awareness of the moral and ethical treatment of others in the community.
  • Respects others as a gift from God.
  • Works collaboratively with persons of different faiths, interests and backgrounds to promote social justice.
  • Experiences the personal satisfaction gained by giving of oneself to help others.

Christian Leadership 

The Eighth Grade Graduate: 

  • Exercises good judgment and self-discipline based on faith.
  • Displays a positive attitude toward life in the face of adversity.
  • Serves as a role model to others by exhibiting Christian virtues.
  • Guides others to achieve a common good.
  • Practices good listening skills and encourages others to be tolerant and respectful.
  • Supports classmates and recognizes their unique gifts and talents.
  • Mentors and assists others by sharing knowledge.

Responsible Citizenship 

The Eighth Grade Graduate:

  • Recognizes the earth and all living things as from God and protects God’s creations.
  • Values diversity in the community and considers the perspectives of others.
  • Takes responsibility for actions and understands the consequences of those actions.
  • Exercises respect for others and their possessions.
  • Uses technology moderately, morally, and ethically.
  • Seeks an understanding of local and world issues.
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