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Lumen Christi Catholic Schools

After years of planning and collaboration, Lumen Christi Catholic Schools was formed in 2012. It is a Catholic school system that consists of  St. Nicholas, St. Christine, St. Charles, Holy Family and the Early Childhood Learning Center at St. Luke, Holy Family, St. Christine and St. Joseph. Lumen Christi Catholic Schools was created to accomplish the following:

  1. To strengthen and grow our Catholic schools in the Mahoning Valley.
  2. To enhance the Catholic identity and academic offerings at each of our schools.
  3. To utilize our human and financial resources more efficiently and effectively.
  4. To tell the story of Catholic education with conviction. 

The system utilizes the Board/Principal Model of administration which is in place in successful Catholic schools across the nation. The system has a two-tiered governance structure. There is a Member Board comprised of the the Bishop, the Vicar General, the Diocesan Chief Financial Officer, the Diocesan Superintendent and the participating pastors. In addition, there is a Board of Directors comprised of parishioners and parents from each participating parish and school. These volunteers are appointed by the Bishop and represent a cross-section of professional skills and abilities from both the business and academic community. The Principals round out the administration and continue to have the most direct interaction with students and families.

Lumen Christi Catholic Schools is committed to ensuring that a Catholic education remains a valued and viable option for families, now and in the future. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

Lumen Christi Catholic Schools